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MTV Főtér 29 March 2009

MTV (Hungarian TV channel), Főtér program introduced our town and demonstrated the most interesting places to visit.

If you cought the fancy of it, do not wait book your accomodation now and visit all the nice sights of our friendly town.

Walk in Nagykanizsa

Meet Nagykanizsa, with its historical streets, green squares, parks, and its statues that lived hard times. Take a walk in the centre, resting a little in the shade of trees, and marvel at the details, the town’s beauty. Do not mis the Lower Town Church, built between 1702-14 from the bricks of the castle, baroque style. Before you wonder at the statues, the main altar painted in 1770, throw a glance at the front. Suprised? It was carved from a Turkish tombstone.

The stones and bricks of the castle were also used to build the so-called Quarters House in 1740, the robust building still reminiscent of a fortress. It used to be the largest inn of the Transdanubia. The Ironman House, which has become a symbol of town, was built in baroque style by a landlord in the middle of the 18th century. Its name comes from the armoured soldier standing on the facade of the building, once it was the sign of a hardware store.

Strolling in the centre mostly you can admire palaces built in the second half of the 19th century. Teir ground floors used to accomodate trading houses, banks, while on the upper floors lived the more and more well-off citizens.

Important sights